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DAVID AND KATHRYN FARRIES: Shining a light on your healthy future.
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Our mission--impact everyone's life for the better, every day. We enjoy life more when we are growing better in health and also financially more secure.

We hope you are ready to take charge of your forever; your future can be as great as you can dream. Revisit your dreams! What are your health goals? How would you like to design your life helping other people, really making a difference, helping other people take charge of their dreams? We want to help you realize your greatest potential and achieve your goals. That is part of our goal.

Your goal may include recovering or maintaining your youthful self and health. You may want to do everything you can to help the planet. You may want to live well and be well into your golden years. Shaklee products provide nutritional and household solutions that address those goals.

Shaklee is at the center of major business trends: preventive health care, nutrition, green cleaners, beauty, and social marketing. Each of these trends has great potential for your life. With Shaklee, you can focus on any or all of them.

 Shaklee is a good neighbor business, sharing with others what we love. Just as we will recommend a favorite movie or restaurant to a friend, the opportunity to share great health is built by word of mouth and by sharing our positive experience with the products. You can help by sharing what you love with others.

 We can help you discover whether Shaklee will fit your needs. Join us and discover how you can live healthier, live better, and possibly do well by helping others do the same. 

 Yours in health,

David and Kathryn